n a recent coaching consultation I was talking to a woman who was having extreme mindset problems when it came to the way she was thinking about a certain area of her business. I’d be willing to bet that many of you are dealing with this same problem. It is the fact that she was completely terrified of having people unsubscribe from her e-mail list because she had worked so hard in order to build her list.

I want to talk about why that is the wrong thinking and the wrong mindset to have when it comes to your e-mail list. Now, what we need to do is realize that every component of your business needs to be in place for a particular reason. This blog that you’re on right now is here for a particular reason. It brands me, it builds my authority, and there is also a lead magnet that people can go ahead and claim, and start going through my funnels which I make sales from.

When you put a video up on Youtube or Facebook, you don’t just throw a video up on Youtube just to have a video Youtube, do you? No, you put a video on Youtube so you can gain more exposure and hopefully generate leads from that video, who hopefully will progress from being leads and become sales.

So you want to realize that every component of your business needs to be in place for a specific reason. There shouldn’t be any randomness. And you also need to realize that when it comes to your email list…the primary reason you want to build an e-mail list is so you have, more or less, a group of people who are predisposed and have shown interest in your offer by opting-in at your Capture page. One that is congruent to your offer or offers that you will be sending them.

Slowly but surely they will be getting closer to the point of buying as a result of the value you provide, as well as, through their own personal experiences. But you need to have an e-mail list because it is where you communicate with your prospective buyers.

If we just have this big list of people that we send out offers to that never buy anything, or we send out blog posts out to them but they never buy anything, it’s not going to do you or your business very much good, is it?

So at the end of the day it is important to realize that the main purpose of your e-mail list is to generate sales for you and your business. Yes, I realize that this statement might be a bit controversial….since yes, it is great to build a relationship with your e-mail list….yes, it is great to provide content and value to that e-mail list and position yourself as an expert to that list, but at the end of the day the point of building the email list is to generate sales for you and your business.

So, when you go ahead and send out a sales promotional e-mail to your list, everybody who takes action and unsubscribes are the ones that you don’t want on your e-mail list.

When you stop mailing your list because you are afraid that people will unsubscribe, effectively what you’re doing is you’re not sifting out the people who you actually don’t want to be on your e-mail list.

Through personal experience I know that Auto-Responder bills can get quite high on a monthly basis. So what you want to remember is that through the consistent e-mailing to your list….through consistently providing value to your e-mail list, and then also through consistently providing promotional material to your e-mail list, what you are going to do is….you are going to get unsubscribes from your email list.

But, realize that this is actually a good thing because the people who are going to unsubscribe are the people who wouldn’t have bought anything from you anyway. Which, in turn, brings you back to the fact that the only reason you have an e-mail list in the first place is to generate sales. So, if those people are on your list and would never buy in the first place, there is no point to be paying your Auto-Responder service anything in order to have those people remain on your list.

So, I hope you stuck with me throughout this blog post, as it holds some very important lessons.

  • Realize that every single component of your business needs to be in place for a reason.
  • Set up a blog, provide value to your readers, and what that will do is build authority and trust with your audience.
  • Create Youtube and Facebook videos, but create them in a way that will generate exposure and leads for your business.
  • E-mail your list without fear of having unsubscribes….because the only people who are going to unsubscribe when you e-mail them a promotion, are the people who would never buy anyway, and ones which you don’t want on your e-mail list long-term.

If we were to look at some of the best e-mail marketers…guys like Ben Settle and Shakir Hussain…I guarantee you those guys have some of the highest numbers of unsubscribes every single day because they are constantly selling to their e-mail list, but they also have the highest number of sales on a daily basis.

So realize that the main point of having an e-mail list is to generate sales. And while a couple of unsubscribes may happen in the process…if you’re generating sales from your e-mail list, you are doing everything right, and you are doing everything exactly the way you should be.