In today’s post I want to discuss something that, if you understand, will just kind of make the journey it’ so much more fun as you execute and take action while moving forward with your journey.

I just got off of a late night coaching call with a client of mine a few minutes ago, and he was dealing with something where he was beating himself up unnecessarily. He was simply being too hard
on himself and more or less was making his life miserable when it wasn’t necessary to do so.

It is important to understand that there’s very fine line between not taking responsibility vs. beating yourself up. The key is to take responsibility to actually own up when you’re not taking action… when you’re being lazy… when you’re not actually doing the work… when you’re not actually investing in yourself… when you’re not really doing what you have to do in order to make stuff happen. But then the same time not beat yourself up when you’ve kind of fallen into certain traps that are out there in the industry… and when you’ve fallen into patterns that aren’t necessarily serving you well.

So more or less, with this particular client, he was in a cycle where he had gotten out of being focused on the one thing that he should be doing… staying focused on building his business. He wasn’t focused on taking the action-steps that he were necessary to move his business forward on a daily basis, and he had gotten himself back into shiny object syndrome, where he was buying one thing after the next, and bouncing from one thing to the next, not taking the kind of action that he should, and instead looking for that next thing to purchase that would enable him to move forward.

Now what he wasn’t really understanding is that, unfortunately, many of the marketers in this industry make their fortunes based on the fact that they understand something that not many people who are on the consumer side of the equation actually understand. And that’s the fact that in this
industry confusion creates consumption, and then consumption increases demand.

Once again… confusion creates consumption and consumption increases demand. So, the more confused you are… the more frustrated you are… the more of a state of chasing your tail that you’re in… the more of a chance that you’re actually going to take action and purchase that first product from that individual. Then, once you purchase that first product from an individual, that consumption actually increases demand for more, such as back-end products, cross-sells, selling other people’s products, joint ventures, etc., where that person can make even more money from you.

The unfortunate truth about this industry is the simple fact that most of the really kind of savvy internet marketing gurus out there understand this, and based on that fact , they use it in an unethical way with their marketing.

They consistently keep you in a state of confusion… intentionally, without giving you exactly what you need to move forward based on the fact that they know you’re more likely to buy all

their stuff. It is unfortunate, but once you buy their $30,000 or $40,000 product… that’s when they’ll go ahead and give you the actual road-map… the actual game plan.

What we give you here at The Super Affiliate Network with the Profit Boosting Bootcamp for one single dollar, they’ll give you that when you purchase that $37 or $30,000 offer.

So, it is important to understand that you absolutely do need to take responsibility… you need to invest in yourself… you need to take action based on what you actually invest in. So don’t buy that coaching program and then never take action.

But then at the same time don’t beat yourself up. Understand that if you’re in a state of feeling stuck and struggling… if you’re kind of confused… if you’re overwhelmed in your business… it’s

really not your fault, especially if you’re new to the industry… if you don’t really understand the ropes and what’s actually going on, and what’s actually really being marketed to you on a daily basis.

It’s just more or less that you’re caught in a cycle that’s extremely hard to get out of… and a cycle that professional influencers have put you into based on knowing where you’re at… based on knowing how to influence you… and based on really knowing how to take advantage of you being in a state that isn’t the best state to be in.

So, understand that it isn’t all your fault. Understand that there are forces out there that are making you do certain things you shouldn’t be doing in your own personal business… and give yourself a break every now.

Just do your best to ease off of the whole beating yourself up… ease off telling yourself “I’m not
taking the right action steps… I’m not producing a high enough level result… I’m not even with this person… I’m not at his or her level… I’m not where I should be compared to another marketer’s journey… I’m not you producing as much as this top producer in this company”. Ease off of all of
those thoughts… ease off of all of those self-judging critical thought processes that we as human beings

tend to go ahead and dive into. Also understand that you have the inherent power within you to go ahead and move forward… you have what it takes to create success.

You absolutely can push the needle forward in your business if you actually focus… if you
understand what’s actually going on in the marketplace in general, and if you take action based on the actual information you’re given by, ideally, a marketer who actually has your best interest at heart based on the fact that usually the best way to make sure of that is… if you do well, they do well in their business.

So, try to find someone out there that you resonate with. Try to find someone out there that you really have a connection with… and works with the philosophy that if you do really well, they do really well. Whether it be case studies… whether it be them being able to sell more of a high coaching program… whether it be an opportunity like The Super Affiliate Network where the better you do, and the bigger and faster the business grows… it’s a win-win. Follow their advice… invest in their products… invest in their services… and then stay focused on just those products and just those services… and don’t fall back to that shiny object syndrome, thinking that the next thing out there’s better… thinking of the next traffic strategy out there is better… thinking that the next list building tool or course out there is better.

Just remember that it’s all the same… it’s all the fun same fundamental principles. There’s little tweaks, there are subtle nuances that are changed here and there… but more or less with direct response marketing, create an offer… create a story around that offer… find someone who you know
can resonate with that story and would want to buy that offer that is put in front of them…and chances are they’ll take action and buy.